Term2 Week 1 photography

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Introduce something about SLR in workshop in week 1.

So i am now just upload some pics from my journey during the Christmas .holiday.



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Nothing special in this week, so i am just still continue my digital media work.

I changed most desgin what has been designed before, and only keep the main theme in my design.

The inspiration of the backgound  is from one chocolate advertising,is match with the main theme in my design.

 There are two main important things in my design. One is the colour based on the metallic colour, the theme in my whole design is about creative, nature and the concept ‘extension’, which is the second point in my design.

Week 7

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Time goes so quickly, that wt i most want to say it!!

Anyway, still need to go back to my work.

Last week i designed two pictures for my project of digital media, by my tutor and classmates’ suggestions, i did some change to that and make the colour more bright . But i am still trying to make the text as halftone style.

Just try some different, but i dont know whether is a rubbish or not actually 🙂

Week 6

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Even though it is in week 7 already, this work have been finished in week 6.

Last time i got some idea for my project and tried to do it, so i finished most design in last week. There are two examples. Different colour but with the same design.

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Week 5

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Actually, today is in week 6, but i still want to talk about my project idea and wt have been shown a little in week 5.



my idea is from those images, but of course is not exacly the same. I hv learned how to make the test as the image of butterfly in that album, which is Halftone style in photoshop. Continue reading ‘Week 5’

Week 3

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I studied some basic skills from Photoshop programme and at least i learned how can i combine different pics together:)

There is no homework in this week, but i practise in the spare time.

My friends and me went to swansea and cardiff on last weekend and took many photos there, so i am uploading some photos here again and hope u guys can enjoy the beautiful scenery

Week 2

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I used indesign programme finished my 5 pages homework, i used different types of font to design 5 pages and give different visual images to people. I enjoyed it, even though it seems not very good. I need do more better  next time.