In this week, i done the edit for the pics which have been taken in last week’s field trip.

Here are the best two pics have been taken in last week, as well as my favourite.

Personaly, i like the first one most, the image is very colourful and have the strong visual feeling to the audience.

However, it is a little bit blur and that what i dislike. Tutor told me because of the shutter has been used too fast by me and should make the aperature more bigger, therefore, i need to chenge the statistics to F5.6 when i take picture inside usually. That is a quite important and useful suggestion for me.

The other thing is about my project idea. My idea is about recycle centre. I want to take some pics to recycle place, because i think there are lots of cans, papers, glasses and so on to be recycled, so at least i can control the colour in the image. As well as i think that is the place where always be ignored by people, especially to the people who are doing the recycle things. I want to take some pics to them and also let everyone know that they are still doing the very important job even though they are not always been shown on the TV or being talked about by surroundngs. Therefore, i may focus on one person who doing the recycling.

I found one small recycle centre where is near the sainsbury’s, but they are only do the can recycling there on Tuseday. Unfortunately, my photography workshop is on Tuesday, so that’s the most important point for me to do my project. However, i met the good man who tell me his telephone no. and tell me if i need any information for recycling time just tell him and he will try his best to help me which make me very happy.

Now, i am really enjoy doing my project anyway. 🙂


~ by cici928 on February 6, 2010.

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