Week 6

Even though it is in week 7 already, this work have been finished in week 6.

Last time i got some idea for my project and tried to do it, so i finished most design in last week. There are two examples. Different colour but with the same design.

The first one is looks like the old style, so that’s why i make the colour is Lomo style and add the black shadow around the image. I want make that looks like the frame of the image, but most people think that looks too heavy. The second one is make the butterfly as the white one, because i tried to make the pic looks like the feeling of fair tale. My classmates and tutor suggested to make the design looks more bright is much better, otherwise it is too heavy and also too busy. That’s not a bad suggestion actually, and i still need to think about how can i add the text in this design. At least, i should make more space between the “MPT” and the pattern of “BOW”.

Anyway, i personally still satisfied with my design in all, because i made the style wt i want. The other important thing is i need to corporate the suggestion from classmates and tutor to make that looks much better.

Hope i can do it well!


~ by cici928 on November 18, 2009.

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