Week 5

Actually, today is in week 6, but i still want to talk about my project idea and wt have been shown a little in week 5.



my idea is from those images, but of course is not exacly the same. I hv learned how to make the test as the image of butterfly in that album, which is Halftone style in photoshop.

Then i will ask my tutor in this week ( should be tomorrow:) ) how to make the pattern like the second pic, what i want to do it ? The whole idea is use Halftone style make test and the pattern in a wave-like manner, then the shadow of butterfly as a background. The most important thing is the color should be in the same color and to change the brightness only. If i used this idea to folder, i will focus on the special part as a pattern put on the folder. I also will use this image on the side of T-shirt, so the front of the T-shirt has one part of the image, and the back of the T-shirt has the most part of the image with butterfly.  This idea of the project is could be depends on “nature”, make everthins nature and also let people feel my design nature is my purpose, so it is not the very complex one but could make everyone to imagine it. 

Anyway, hope i can do it well.




~ by cici928 on November 10, 2009.

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